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Skin Tag & Brown Spot Removal

Do you have skin tags or brown spots?  Are you wondering what they are and what causes them?  Skin tags are small flaps of tissue that are connected to your skin by a “stalk” or thinner piece of skin.  Brown spots are areas that are darker than the surrounding skin.  They are usually caused by sun exposure.  Genetics and medical treatments can sometimes be the cause of brown spots.  If you have skin tags or brown spots that you would like to have removed, we have the perfect solution for you!  When treating these skin conditions, we use a Carbon Dioxide Pen to gently freeze away skin tags and “brown” spots…for those who wish to Go Tagless and Age Spotlessly!




# of small skin tags            # of large skin tags
1 $50                                      1 $80
2 $90                                     2 $130
3 $130
4 $160

# of small brown spots      # of large brown spots
1 $60                                      1 $80
2 $110                                    2 $140
3 $155
4 $200