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Anti-Aging & Alternative Treatments

Looking for a little R&R or seeking dramatic changes in your skin? We have you covered. We will find the best treatment possible to address your specific Austin skin care concerns and customize product choices based on skin type and skin condition(s).

Express Facial (lunch break facial)
$45/ 30 minutes

On the run? This facial will cover all the basics while ensuring that you fit in some much needed “you” time before the day’s end. We will customize an express treatment, targeting any specific skin issues/ concerns. This treatment will include a double cleanse, exfoliation, custom masque, toner, moisturizer and SPF.

Rest & Relaxation Facial
$75/ 60 minutes

This facial will cover all the basics and then some. We will customize a treatment specifically for you and target any specific skin concerns/ issues. This treatment will include a double cleanse, exfoliation, custom masque, toner, moisturizer and SPF. To ensure the utmost R&R, this treatment also includes a facial massage.

Sensitive Skin (Rosacea facial treatment)
$90/ 45 minutes

This treatment is for clients or patients who are undergoing medical treatments for cancer, who are on Accutane, who are highly sensitive to Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAʼs), who are being treated post-laser or post-peel or who have damage from over-exposure to the sun and outside elements.


Peptide Repair Anti-Aging Treatment
$100/ 50 minutes

A specialized treatment recommended to combat free radical damage. This treatment utilizes the gentle exfoliation of lactic acid and peptide technology to firm. hydrate and stimulate collagen-peptide synthesis to rejuvenate and strengthen connective tissues for firmer, healthier and younger looking skin.

Brighten & Lighten Facial Treatment
$100/ 45 minutes

A custom treatment that actively targets discoloration, dark spots and photo-damage with the innovative technology of powerful peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and anti-oxidant-packed nutrients. These ingredients will aide in leaving your skin brightened, refreshed and glowing.

Enzymatic Brightening Treatment
$95/ 50 minutes

Actively treat the skin with this anti-oxidant & peptide-rich protocol to aid in relieving harmful free radical activity. Incorporating enzymatic and TCA action help to remove dead skin cells while brightening and nourishing the skin. This treatment is safe for most skin types, but is specifically designed for individuals who have lack-luster, environmentally-sensitized skin. Achieve skin firming and brightening action without the downtime.

Cellular Hydration Treatment
$80/ 45 minutes

A custom treatment that is loaded with anti-oxidants and rapidly repairs the skin’s lipid-water barrier. Includes Living Cell Clarifier, a free-radical scavenger that also reduces melanin production to help brighten the skin. Includes a powerful serum with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients will combat aging and drench your skin in humectants, leaving skin feeling ultra-hydrated and revitalized.

Hydrating Luxury Facial
$105/ 60 minutes

A treatment that will truly take you to a place of ultimate luxury while overcoming tired skin. This treatment boosts a healthy glow by infusing the skin with moisture, peptides and anti-oxidants…and we don’t forget the lips! This luxurious, hydrating facial is sure to provide you the full experience of relaxation while still obtaining the result-driven results you are looking for.

Layered Lactic Enzyme Polish Treatment
$120/ 45 minutes

A personal favorite! A fabulous layered enzyme treatment that will remove dead skin cells, hydrate your skin and give a fresh new look with just one treatment. This layered peel will provide you with a smoothing polish, renewed skin and no down time. This is a perfect “date night” peel. Perfect before an event or a big night out!

Facial Extras/ Add-On’s

add a Chemical peel to your facial (for those treatments that do not already include a peel) – $30

add a PC-10 Wrinkle Rx Masque to your facial – $15

add Microdermabrasion to your facial – $40

add Microdermabrasion to your neck/chest – $45

add Microdermabrasion to your hands – $30

add Microdermabrasion to your back – $60